Amy Schneider

Certified Silva Method Instructor

For Silva Method Atlanta / Georgia & Western North Carolina


I'm Amy!

My beginnings into the Silva Method were from an act of love from my mom, much like the Silva Method originated from an act of love from Mr. Jose Silva for his children.  When I was nine, my mom, a Silva graduate herself enrolled me in the Silva Method’s children’s course. 

Thirty-five years, and many Silva Life & Intuition System Immersions and courses, including the Silva Mastery and Ultra Healing courses, later, the Silva Method is a path that changed and continues to change and shape my life, for the better and better, as we say. I am so excited, honored, and grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Atlanta area Silva Method Instructor. 

I believe that everyone has access to the amazing mind potential within and you are always in control of your mind and thoughts! The Silva Method gives you practical, dynamic techniques to help you in everyday life to unlock your potential. The techniques you learn in the Silva Method help you to develop a deeper understanding and recognition of the language of your intuition, that connection to source and how it speaks to you, guides you and how to listen to it.   

The proprietary, dynamic meditation techniques developed by Mr. Silva give us specific ways that we can guide ourselves and find our calm. The calm where growth, creative problem solving, imagination and healing help us to live the life we desire and be the person we are meant to be. 

I'm passionate about self-growth, self-discovery and it is my goal to bring the Silva Method to adults and children alike, those new to the Silva Method and the many graduates that want to continue to hone these dynamic techniques and intuition. 

If you are new to the Silva Method or, are a graduate reviewer, there are many ways to connect or stay connected to the Silva Method and the Silva Method Atlanta community. I'm happy to connect with you over email or informational call, or if you aren't sure where to go next on your journey, feel free to subscribe to the Silva Method Atlanta email list toreceive video trainings, blog posts, newsletters and special offers and class information. You may always email me at amy@silvamethodatlanta.com.

I look forward to meeting you!

Believe Better and Better Friend!


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