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I'm Amy!

At the age of nine, my mom, who was a Silva graduate, enrolled me in the Silva Method's children's course. I had no idea how this one course would put me on the path to discover my life’s work.

I’m so grateful it did. Little did I know how my Silva skills would guide my life and how this training would help me and my family navigate life and death decisions when my son experienced an unexpected medical challenge at only 3 months old. While it was a terrifying time, Understanding my intuition guided me in fully trusting myself to make these difficult decisions when all I had to go on were those intuitive leaps of faith. This ability to "trust my gut" helped us to focus on positive outcomes and what we could do to help versus continuously reacting from a place of intense worry and stress. The journey wasn't easy but today my son is healthy and uses his own Silva techniques as a Silva grad.

The meditation exercises of the Silva Method are a full family affair in my house! It was important that my children have these tools and my oldest two (one of them the son mentioned above) went through the course at ages 10 and 9 respectively. My youngest will go through the course soon. It’s been a joy to witness how my kids put their own practice to work for themselves and enjoy encouraging each other to use the techniques and exercises when we need them.

My practice, which is now a habit, has allowed me to listen and understand my intuition and those a-ha moments to transform my marriage, parenting and personal relationships. Like many Silva graduates, the tools have also helped me pass school and certification tests, move successfully through business challenges and accomplish my goals.

My Silva Method practice is the constant thread through all of my life experiences. After graduating from University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in communications, my career path has been service driven in many capacities, including traveling around the U.S. and abroad in the travel industry, serving online college students in advisement and as a career coach in the job placement and recruiting industry. After marrying my husband and having my first child, I felt called to serve families and their children as a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, focusing on childbirth, postpartum and maternal education and mental well-being.

My passion lies in guiding individuals, both adults and children, through the Silva Life and Intuition course and witnessing the transformations that take place. I firmly believe that everyone possesses untapped mental potential and that we have control over our thoughts and how we respond to any life event. The Silva Method equips you with practical, step-by-step techniques to unlock this potential and connect with your intuition every time you practice.

Since first taking the Basic Lecture Series with instructors Tag & Judy Powell in 1986, I have continued my study of the Silva Method and many course reviews of Silva Life and Intuition with a variety of instructors including Lucien Lamoureax and Ken Coscia, Silva International's Training Director. I have the honor of completing and reviewing the Silva Method graduate courses of the Silva Ultra Healing with Rajko Kuzmanovic the Director of Silva Method Romania, Silva Mastery with Ken Cosica and in 1997 the In Person training of Silva Ultramind ESP with Jose Silva.

Beyond my work, I enjoy travel, writing, reading, baking, and spending quality time with my family, including my husband, three kids aged 8 to 15, and our meditation-loving fur baby, Schroeder.

I’m honored to follow in my mom’s footsteps and now guide others with these tools as a Silva Method instructor teaching this proprietary method of dynamic meditation for the global community online as well as in-person events in Atlanta, GA and Western North Carolina.

If you are new to the Silva Method or, are a graduate reviewer, there are many ways to connect or stay connected to the Silva Method and the Silva Method Atlanta and Western North Carolina community. I'm happy to connect with you over email or informational call, or if you aren't sure where to go next on your journey, feel free to subscribe to the Silva Method Atlanta email list toreceive video trainings, blog posts, newsletters and special offers and class information. You may always email me at



I look forward to meeting you!

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