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To Guide You with Step-by-Step Proven Meditation Techniques that will Help You Obtain Your Goals, Feel Better, Learn Better, Create Better & Understand Your Intuition Better so that You Activate Your Own Inherent Human & Mind Potential

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The mission of the Silva Method is to awaken people to their own inherent human potential.

We guide you with structured life-transforming tools and techniques that result in positive and lasting change for yourself and those around you.  Our purpose is to create and leave a better world for those who follow us.

We do this by teaching you the Dynamic Meditation skills you need to enhance your intuition and take command of your life.

Learning these skills and techniques allows you to journey through the adventure of life with a very specific compass for progress that you can use to reach goals, overcome challenges, problem solve and live life from a place of calm and creativity.

Hi, I'm Amy!

My beginnings into the Silva Method were from an act of love from my mom, much like the Silva Method originated from an act of love from Mr. Jose Silva for his children.  When I was nine, my mom, a Silva graduate herself enrolled me in the Silva Method’s children’s course. 

Thirty-five years, and many Silva Life & Intuition System Immersions and courses, including the Silva Mastery and Ultra Healing courses, later, the Silva Method is a path that changed and continues to change and shape my life, for the better and better, as we say. I am so excited, honored, and grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Atlanta area Silva Method Instructor. 

I believe that everyone has access to the amazing mind potential within and you are always in control of your mind and thoughts! The Silva Method gives you practical, dynamic techniques to help you in everyday life to unlock your potential...


The Dynamic Meditation Techniques of the Silva Method

Help You Turn Worry Into Wins, Problems Into Projects & Challenges Into Chances for Greatness

and allow you the chance to be able to apply an evidence based approach to help you on your path to self growth, change and the opportunity to be better.

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