Join our transformative 4-Day Silva Life and Intuition Immersion, a live, in-person event that fosters rapid learning through group synergy. Led by Silva Method expert instructor Amy Schneider, a certified Silva instructor, you’ll dive into a high-impact, intimate experience.

This seminar is the foundational Silva Mind Control Method class, grounded in the principles and techniques developed by Jose Silva in 1962 for personal development, offering a unique blend of research-based methodology and practical tools.

Embrace an energetic group dynamic as you make friends, gain diverse insights, learn to solve problems and harness your subconscious mind. Participants will learn Silva techniques and Silva Method mind control skills that are essential for personal growth, setting higher goals, and contributing to humanity. Get immediate answers, eliminate doubts, and ensure your transformative intentions stick.

Entering the Alpha state consciously during the seminar will enhance creativity, relieve stress, improve performance, and access intuitive capabilities, leading to personal growth and the enhancement of innate abilities.

This seminar aims to guide participants towards a fulfilling life, ensuring they develop the confidence, certainty, and tools needed for lasting success and happiness. It’s self-care that changes you to the core—just as it’s been done for over 56 years since it was developed by Jose Silva.

  • The 3 Fingers Technique

    A surprisingly effective anchoring tool that allows you to enter the alpha level of mind within seconds by simply pressing your fingers together.

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  • The Long Relax

    The fundamental relaxation technique that will allow your mind and body to experience deep relaxation.

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  • Master Resilient Self-Talk

    Your resilience in adversity is shaped by your inner dialogue. Learn to harness the power of self-talk to master emotions and stress.

  • The Sleep Control Technique

    Perfect for overcoming sleep disorders and bad sleep patterns. Just use before bed to enjoy deep, uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep.

  • Alpha Breaks

    Achieve deep relaxation and heightened creativity through guided techniques to enter the alpha brainwave state.

  • Mental Laboratory Technique

    Looking for answers within? Use this technique to create an impenetrable mind sanctuary for healing, problem solving, manifesting, and intuition.

  • Enhance Everyday Intuition

    Discover inner solutions with a technique that builds a mental sanctuary for healing, problem-solving, manifesting, and intuitive growth.

  • Mirror of the MInd

    Learn to transform your goals into reality through visualization techniques that enhance focus, reinforce positive outcomes and harness the minds ability.

  • The HoloViewing Technique

    Program your mind to tap into higher consciousness while you sleep to bring you answers to complex problems and provide you with guidance in life.

Do You Want To?


    and thrive in today’s fast paced world with better intuition and interpersonal relations.


    and master your habits, overcome physical ailments, and learn healing techniques. Tap into your natural ability for self-healing and mental control.


    and connect with your life's purpose through enhanced intuition and problem solving.

  • Carol Mason

    "I thought I was well on my way, but apparently not! I got so much - most of all I learned exactly what level is! It is an experience of a lifetime - an understanding of self."

  • Zach Miller

    "Through Amy and all the techniques she taught in the class I was able to take control of my life in a way I had no idea I was able to do before."

  • Teresa Doss

    "I was feeling I had veered off my path and needed direction. I came away excited and eager to learn more, feeling more confident. Go without expectation. Relax! Enjoy! Soak it up! It's life-changing."